Hey, i'm Hayzam!

a 21 y.o. developer

About me

I'm an Indian Student and over the past years I managed to learn a lot skills which helped me to accomplish my goals and visions. This skillset is being used for various paid and non-paid projects

This skillset includes:

  • Backend Server Software Development (API Development, Infrastructure deployments and management)
  • Software Development (Low level C/C++, assembly)
  • Hardware Development (SBCs, custom boards)

My Projects

Scala Network

Scala is a blockchain based project that focuses on mobile mining and privacy back in 2018. The whole project thaught me a lot about building a project and working with different people around the

Popcorn Party

Popcorn party is a video and audio synchronization utility that can be used to share a video/audio stream among people without the need for any middlemen.

Smaller Projects / Personal Websites

I'm also coding on smaller projects or personal websites in my spare time which helps me learning new stuff or leveling my current skills
You can visit my github to see what i'm upto these days.

Hayzam S.

Kerala, India


[email protected]